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The whole fandom is warfare. Where do I start …

The whole fandom is warfare. Where do I start with the comeback. I've forgotten all their names since the honeymoon era. I haven't kept updated with their update on social media. Help please. What should I look at first?

Sure, I hope this somehow helps!

  • B.A.P will make their comeback with EGO in December (the date is not released)
  • There are already the teasers for Yongguk, Jongup, Himchan and Daehyun

Bang Yongguk 

  • born on March 31st 1990
  • 180cm (most likely taller)
  • has a twin brother and a sister
  • he is the main rapper and leader
  • he acts like the father of the group
  • writes all the songs for B.A.P and produces/composes them 
  • his most recent solo is called Yamazaki, but he has way more (AM 4:44, I Remember, Drunkenness,…)
  • his matoki color is red
  • loves his instant ramen
  • moved out of the dorm and lives alone
  • black and white aesthetic 
  • has a lot of tattoos
  • my look intimidating, but is a soft bear
  • has a really soft spot for the disney character tigger and his dog tigger
  • really active in charity 
  • was on hiatus during noir because of his mental health, but currently he is promoting and looks healthy like never before
  • you notice him by his really deep voice
  • Instagram | Twitter

Kim Himchan

  • born on April 19th 1990
  • 180cm
  • has a older sister
  • he is the sub-vocalist and visual
  • he is the group mom and supports everything the members do
  • had his first solo please support him
  • plays a lot of instruments 1 | 2
  • his matoki color is pink
  • still lives in the dorm
  • updates his insta every single day
  • loves his fans more than anything and always takes pictures of them
  • loves taking pictures of the members (they look most of the time like Himchan is the girlfriend and took it = quality content)
  • somehow friends with everyone
  • has no problem with doing aegyo or acting funny
  • Cheejiburger is legendary 
  • afraid of basically anything (watch One Fine Day)
  • has literally everything with his name on it
  • Instagram | Twitter

Jung Daehyun

  • born on June 28th 1993
  • 177cm
  • has a older brother
  • he is the lead-vocalist
  • has a lot of solos (Dark Light, Shadow, You,…)
  • high notes and honey vocals
  • recently fulfilled his dream of playing in a musical (Napoleon) and has now the leading role in All Shook Up 
  • his matoki is white/grey
  • lives alone
  • during their lawsuit he made music on the streets
  • has a ‘HOLD’ tattoo on his wrist representing BABYZ and B.A.P on his back
  • how to make him happy: food. Most famous is chicken and cheesecake
  • comes from Busan and from time to time you hear his dialect 
  • loves his fans more than anything else and has the nickname ‘babyz official boyfriend’ 1 | 2 | 3
  • updates his insta every day with cute selcas
  • he is loud. like really loud. 1 | 2 
  • can be sassy but is a really loving person
  • Instagram | Twitter

Yoo Younjgae

  • born on January 24th 1994
  • 178cm
  • has a older brother
  • he is the lead-vocalist
  • also had his solo recently 
  • is the lead MC for The Show
  • was on masked singer not too long ago
  • his matoki is yellow
  • lives at the dorm
  • is an actual nerd and loves computer games
  • was on Celeb Bros with his good friend Jaebum
  • Bubble Tea song
  • always on his phone
  • secretly is Mrs. Korea
  • collarbones and lip biting
  • competitive in games (always looses)
  • says he can’t take selcas at all but kills everyone with his seclas
  • sassy but also soft and loud
  • can’t show his feelings like other members do, actually cries a lot
  • Instagram | Twitter

Moon Jongup


Choi Junhong / Zelo

  • born on October 15th 1996
  • 187cm (even taller now)
  • has a older brother
  • he is the maknae, lead rapper and lead dancer
  • slowly starts writing solos (No Title, SHINE, Howler)
  • LTE rap
  • his matoki is blue
  • moved out of the dorm to live with his parents
  • loves socks 1 | 2
  • studied English by himself and is really good at it
  • trash for his dog Mochii
  • if he is not playing with his dog he is dancing 1 | 2
  • has a tattoo 
  • was so cute and now he works out
  • says he is no longer a child and then plays on a playground
  • Instagram | Twitter

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