It’s Just Tumblr!

Is it just tumblr? Well, yes and no. Some see social media as the worst thing since… video games. It will ruin your mind and you will become unless to society according to parents and experts. Is this reallly the case.. sometimes, but only if you are a extreme user. Anything that is consumed too much is bad. Heck, if I drink 10L of water each day, I am sure it would not be good for my health.


Why is Facebook admitting that social networks can be bad for our

On one hand, Facebook
is feeling more pressure than ever to be transparent about its business
and take responsibility for how people use its product. Credit Russia
for that one. In the wake of last year’s U.S. presidential election, in
which Facebook unknowingly became a tool for Russian propagandists
trying to sway the election’s outcome, the company and its executives
have become hyper aware of Facebook’s impact on the world and have made
great public effort to let everyone else know they’re hyper aware of
Facebook’s impact on the world. That explains things like its Hard
Questions blog, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s manifesto this year about
Facebook’s role in the universe.

On the other hand, Facebook is still a business with shareholders and
corporate expectations. Telling everyone that using social media makes
people feel bad is potentially terrible for business. Which is why
Facebook is simultaneously pushing its solution: More,
better Facebook! Facebook, perhaps more than any other company, has been
saddled with the nearly impossible task of building a product with a
conscience. Part of that is because it’s used so intimately by so many,
and these responsibilities come with the territory. The other part is
that Facebook is run by people who have so openly and publicly accepted
the challenge. Zuckerberg is not only aware of his massive
responsibility, he’s embracing it.

Which brings us back to Friday’s blog post. Social media is bad, except
for when it’s not. And Facebook, just like the rest of us, is still
trying to figure out exactly where that line exists.

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Will this make you use social media less? Probably not. If anything,
this won’t affect downloads or time spent on the app. With more people
having smartphones, the downloads will only increase. Those with low incomes have been taking out loans to pay! Heck, this might
make people check their social media account ( More time spent on the
platform ) like I just did. I am not saying the social media is the
worst thing anyone can do, no, I am not saying that at all. I am saying
you should consider spending your time more wisely if you spend more
than an hour per day looking at Facebook, Instagram, reddit, twitter,
snapchat, or any other platform/app. Your time is the most valuable
resource you have, so please don’t spend too much time with likes and
post. Let me know your opinion on what you’re going to do from here on