I don’t have the right to say so…but I’m so proud of what GD did. Words can’t explain how much it means to all  VIPs and for the most TOP and his family. At a time when people call him horrible names, when they want to erase and delete him from everywhere when they say that he’s garbage and unworthy person…GD just took and posted a photo. I’m so proud of these guys. Proud that they made themselves. It was never a game for them. They lived and burned with music, and those that did and therefore became the man they are today. They were called ugly and people say that they will never become popular. And after the terrible tragedy with Daesung and bad history with GD they got so much hate, threats and wishes of death that will last for ten years. However, different poor people who do not have a life continue to remember the past. But the main thing that in those days guys were here to each other. They didn’t want to leave the agency, they could not know whether there will be changes for the good or they will remain forever in the pit. But they were together and they had done it together. They shone very brightly, and everyone in Korea know that they’re group to be proud of. They are the group that is popular all over the world. After this whole situation with TOP this year…was very painful. Yes he made a mistake and Yes he should have been punished, but that does not mean that he had to cease to exist. People again began to write that this is the end for the group that they are all garbage and drug addicts who have no conscience and shame…But they are people who value friendship above all else and they deserve to shine brightly. Time steps out briskly and all changes, new groups come and takes place on a top and its ok). But for me BIGBANG must forever remain in history of k-pop as kings and as those, on whom

today’s popular groups

looked as on an example  and those due to whom many guys decided to practise music. And I love them even more now  for stick to for each other always…They never were disappointment, they were and remain those who cheered up to me in bad days and who helped me to walk ahead!